We are an emerging clinical stage specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in research and development of products based on PLEX (Polymer-Lipid Encapsulation MatriX), our proprietary drug delivery technology.  PLEX is able to securely encapsulate many types of drugs, including proteins, to enable targeted, localized drug delivery into the body over periods of time ranging from days to several months.

The PLEX matrix protects the drug in vivo over extended periods of time without changing the chemistry of the drug. The application of our PLEX technology enables us to optimize drug treatment regimens by providing a unique combination of pre-determined release rates and durations. 

This combination allows us to create solutions to indications where existing systemic treatments as well as current local treatments are not sufficiently effective or safe, and at the same time to significantly lower the healthcare system economic burden.

 PolyPid Optimized Terapeutics

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