We believe that partnership is a very effective way to advance any new treatment approach for the benefit of the patients, and would be delighted to consider the following collaboration opportunities:

  • Commercial Partnerships to enhance the commercial introduction of our D-PLEX100 lead development program to surgeons and the hospital surgical suite in various geographies.
  • License our PLEX platform  to improve a partner’s proprietary product clinical outcomes.
  • License-out our pipeline of early product candidate
    • PainPLEX  Completed pre-clinical development of a product candidate that pairs the PLEX matrix with a widely-used local anesthetic to reduce post-operative pain for extended period of time when applied to the surgical site.
    • OncoPLEX – Preclinical development of a product candidate that pairs PLEX matrix with a widely-used chemotherapeutic agent to be used locally to eradicate remaining cancerous cells following surgical tumor removal.
    • PLEX based Delivery of Proteins and Monoclonal Antibodies – Monoclonal antibodies were successfully encapsulated in PLEX and demonstrated prolonged released in vitro and in vivo (PK study) for several weeks while preserving the integrity of the antibody (both primary and secondary structures).
    • Anti-inflammatory research program.
    • Growth factors research program.


If you are interested in exploring partnering with PolyPid please

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PolyPid’s PLEX targeted drug delivery platform enables localized, controlled, continuous release of medication over prolonged periods of time for better patient outcomes.

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Is designed to prevent the risk of surgical site infections in both bone and soft tissue through its cutting-edge, local, extended-release mechanism

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Comprised of antibiotic eluting ß tri-calcium phosphate (ßTCP) granules, designed for bone related infections applications.

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