BonyPid-500™ is a synthetic, doxycycline eluting bone graft substitute, based on ß tri-calcium phosphate (ßTCP) granules. It is biocompatible and biodegradable and presented in a 1 gram vial that contains 6.5 mg of doxycycline hyclate.

BonyPid-500™ is intended for use as a bone grafting material to fill, augment or reconstruct periodontal or oral/maxillofacial defect, such as filling of periodontal/infrabony defects, ridge augmentation, filling of extraction sites (implant preparation/placement), sinus lifts and filling of cystic cavities, and at the same time provide local infection protection.

Upon hydration in the body, the PLEX™ matrix gradually degrades and allows the antibiotic entrapped in the layers to be released constantly into its surroundings while the bone filler acts as a scaffold to support osteoconductive bone recovery.

BonyPid-500™ gradually resorbs and replaced with new formed natural bone during the healing process.

The antibacterial activity of the released antibiotic takes place in conjunction to the osteoconductive activity of the bone substitute, and prevents its potential rejection or early absorption by bacteria-related local bone infection and protects the surface of the graft from the development of biofilm.

BonyPid-500™ is not yet approved for sale by regulatory agencies.



BonyPid-500™ formulation is well organized on a molecular level as a fine, sub-structure by self-assembly into PLEX™



A low dose is sufficient to achieve a significant therapeutic effect*



Recommended oral dose for Doxycycline (tablets) - 100 mg/day (total of 700 mg)



Estimated dose of Doxycycline hyclate in a single implantation - total of 6.5 mg

(Should be used in conjunction with systemic antibiotic)


BonyPid-500™ is designed to release a small antibiotic dose constantly during three to four weeks, with the overall accumulated dose being equal to about 1% of a 7 day oral antibiotic regimen.


The PLEX™ (Polymer-Lipid Encapsulation matriX) platform is a matrix made of alternating layers of polymers and lipids that allows controlled, local release of unmodified drugs over extended periods of time.

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Provides safe and effective local antibiotic protection against SSI (surgical Site Infection) at the needed tissues or organs by administration during surgical procedures.

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Comprised of antibiotic eluting ß tri-calcium phosphate (ßTCP) granules, designed for bone related infections applications.

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