Amir Weisberg – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Weisberg has been leading PolyPid since 2010 and has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and CEO of start-up companies with two financial exits. Prior to PolyPid, Mr. Weisberg managed start-up companies in the Life Science sphere, from incubator stage to clinical trials, including leading the financing rounds for these companies.

Noam Emanuel, Ph.D. – Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Emanuel has vast experience in biotechnology projects, including development of drug delivery systems and immunology. His extensive expertise includes immunotherapy, vaccines, immunodiagnostics, systemic and local drug-delivery, and medical devices. Dr. Emanuel has a number of approved patents in the field of drug delivery and diagnostics. Dr. Emanuel is a co-founder of PolyPid and served as its CEO during the company’s first three years. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dikla Czaczkes Akselbrad – Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Czaczkes Akselbrad spent over 12 years with Compugen the last 7 years of which as Chief Financial Officer where she played a leading role in numerous capital transactions raising over $130M. Before joining Compugen, Ms. Czaczkes Akselbrad was Chief Financial Officer of Packet Technologies Ltd., and an audit manager at Ernst & Young Israel. She holds an MBA in finance and a BA in accounting and economics, both from Tel Aviv University, and is a certified public accountant in Israel.

Dalit Hazan – VP Regulatory Affairs

Ms. Hazan has over 20 years of diversified managerial experience in the Regulatory Affairs field. Ms. Hazan has vast experience in registration submissions of different pharmaceutical dosage forms and in different markets such as US, EU, CA, IL and rest of the world. Previously she held Regulatory Affairs managerial positions at Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Head of RA Department) as well as harmonization of RA procedures globally (as part of Global RA compliance), and Dexcel Pharma Ltd. (RA Manager). Ms. Hazan holds  an M.Sc. degree in Physiology and Pharmacology from Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.

Noa Kirshenboim, Ph.D. – VP Clinical Operation

Dr. Noa Kirshenboim has over 10 years of experience in drug development and clinical trials execution, including leading phase-I clinical trials in early development department at Merck & Co global. Dr. Kirshenboim has vast experience in different stages of clinical trials evolution, staring from first in human trials, up to phase IV (post marketing trials). In her last position at Merck & Co. Dr. Kirshenboim acted as program lead in the Lung Indication, the leading indication of the company in Oncology therapeutic area, and was responsible for execution of company’s clinical program in this indication with company’s leading product, Keytruda® (marketed) around the world. Prior to Merck & Co, Dr. Kirshenboim held several positions at PPD, a global clinical research organization. Dr. Kirshenboim holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from Tel-Aviv University.

Yair Rechester – VP Operation

Mr. Rechester spent over 10 years with Omrix Biopharmaceuticals (a Johnson & Johnson company), the last 5 years of which as Plant business unit Manager and Manufacturing Manager. Mr. Rechester played a significant role in leading large scale Biological Manufacturing and Operations, strategic projects and business improvements processes. Prior to that, Mr. Rechester served in different roles of process technology transfer and Quality Operations. Mr. Rechester holds a B.Sc. in Biotechnology Engineering from Ben Gurion University of the Negev and MBA from Peres Academic center.


The PLEX™ (Polymer-Lipid Encapsulation matriX) platform is a matrix made of alternating layers of polymers and lipids that allows controlled, local release of unmodified drugs over extended periods of time.

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Provides safe and effective local antibiotic protection against SSI (surgical Site Infection) at the needed tissues or organs by administration during surgical procedures.

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Comprised of antibiotic eluting ß tri-calcium phosphate (ßTCP) granules, designed for bone related infections applications.

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