The versatility of the PLEX™ platform enables us to find solutions to unmet needs in areas outside of our current focus, infections. We have successfully demonstrated performance in animal models with different types of molecules and therapeutic targets. 

  • PLEX for Pain - Opioid addiction is one of the main substance abuse disorders involving prescription of pain relievers. Our next application of PLEX is the development of novel therapies for the management of chronic or post-surgical pain. We are currently in preclinical development of a product candidate that pairs PLEX with a widely-used pain API. In our preclinical studies, we have observed periods of reduced pain that are longer than those provided by the standard of care as well as approved local long-acting delivery systems that apply the same widely-used pain API.

At this stage, we are seeking partners for the following programs:

  • Anti-inflammatory research program - Systemic treatments are very effective for the treatment of inflamed conditions. However, wide use of anti-inflammatory agents is limited due to serious systemic side effects that include liver damage, heart disease, addiction and pain.
    We are developing a localized and controlled delivery of a very small, yet effective dose with minimal systemic side effects.
    We have demonstrated safety and efficacy of an anti-inflammatory agent in a small animal model.
  • Anti-cancer research program - Systemic anti-cancer treatments have serious side effects. Our program is designed to eradicate remaining cancerous cells following tumor removal, by locating and locally releasing a common chemotherapeutic agents at the tumor site.
    The program is aimed at reducing the overall dose of toxic agents for a prolonged, local delivery while achieving effectiveness that is at least comparable to systemic administration.
    We have successfully demonstrated eradication of cancerous cells in an animal model.
  • Growth factors research program - Current growth factors solutions have serious side effects, such as excessive bone growth. Our program is designed to promote bone growth by extended localized release of PLEX™ formulated growth factors in spinal fusions or voids.
    By using only 1% of the overall common dose in a prolonged, local delivery, we minimize potential side effects while achieving superior in vivo efficacy.
    We have successfully demonstrated expedited bone healing in an animal model.