Another product candidate from the PLEX-doxycycline family, for use in connection with orthopedic surgeries for the prevention of SSIs and support of bone recovery.

D-PLEX 1000


D-PLEX1000 Showed Effective Treatment of Orthopedic Surgeries

No deep bone infections after 6 months across 24 treated patients, in comparison with reported incidences in the literature ranging between 7% to 19% 3,4


D-PLEX has allowed
for 1-Step Surgery

1 One event ; 2 Two events where another surgery and implantation of bone graft was needed ; 3 Prodromidis et al. The 6-Hour Rule for Surgical Debridement of Open Tibial
Fractures: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Infection and Nonunion Rates. 2016 ; 4  Poletti FL et al. Current Concepts and Principles in Open Tibial Fractures - Part II Management and Controversies. 2017.

Positive Primary and Secondary Endpoints in Orthopedic Surgery



(1)Patients achieved callus formation at 3 of 4 cortices (75% of the patient’s population, with 95% statistical confidence Interval), assessed by independent radiographic
(2) 1 patient (6%) was not tested